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First of all: WELCOME! :)

How lovely that you found your way here. The reason I'm starting this friending meme is because I recently moved to Dreamwidth, but I miss geeking out with my fandom friends and I have SO MANY Teen Wolf feelings right now. As this website is still new and shiny to me, this might not reach a lot of people. However, I've been wrong before and even if it's just a couple of people participating, I'd be thrilled. There seem to be a lot less people around than on LJ so it's even more important we stick together. :D

So without further ado:

Feel free to leave out what you don't want to share and add what you want to add. C'mon. Fill it out. You know you want to.

Date: 2013-07-12 01:09 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] consumedly
I may swear a tad too much do you promise, because lately everyone is telling me to stop swearing so much, damn it!

also, how could I forgot about Scott hanging there, like piece of meat ;D that was hilarious! and ::yey:: one more person on my wtf happens here train I swear colleague of mine says that's awesome this awesome ::ughhh:: why don't more people get what's happening!!

and on top of that you like Being human ::high five:: and Roswell!!!!! + your journal seems like a place I'd like to visit quite often, I hope you won't mind!?!??

I'm adding you right now but I'll leave the choice of adding back to you ;)


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