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Alright, I'll start. :)


Name/Alias: Calla
Age: 20
Location: Germany
What Keeps You Busy: university
Journal Rating: It varies, but NSFW things will always be under a cut.
What's in Your Journal? Not much yet! I'm planning on episode commentary, general geeking out, recs, possibly fic/art, and maybe meta or the occasional RL post.


I Love Teen Wolf Because: It's young, fresh and fun. :D I love YA fantasy, be it books or TV Shows. I appreciate humour, good characters and emotions and there's always a bit of that along with the horror/action. On a more shallow note, all the actors are damn fine to look at. Some part of me has a problem with just showing pretty people on TV, but oh well. I also like the way they tackle issues (like homosexuality, abuse in the family) and I'm a total sucker for the you-make-your-own-family kind of friends/pack scenario.
My Favourite Character(s): Stiles, Lydia, Danny, Isaac, Scott, Allison, Peter, the Sheriff, Chris
Favourite Pairing(s): Lydia/Stiles, Stiles/Danny, and recently I've become interested in Isaac/Allison although I've also finally started liking Scott/Allison. I liked Erica/Stiles and Erica/Allison, but I guess that's out now.
Funniest Scene(s): Every time Stiles questions his sexuality and Danny is involved. Also, the condoms. Scott misusing words he just learned. Lots of scenes, ok?
Most Heartbreaking Scene(s): "Did I do something wrong?" No, of course not! *hugs forever* Isaac's past and how his father locked him away in that tiny thing. Allison finding out about her mum in the hospital. Boyd saying he had one friend and she's dead. Stiles whenever he's sad.
Most Badass Scene(s):

What the F*** Scene(s): When Lydia kissed Scott.
Hottest Scene(s):

I know, I know, so many shirtless scenes in the show... Yeah, I might be weird or asexual or something. :D Just... emotions, okay?
Most Random Scene(s): Threesome on the dancefloor out of nowhere and Scott being mini-Derek and reading Call of the Wild. :D

Future Scenes I Would Like to See: More of Lydia being smart instead of just telling me she is because I would LOVE that. More of the tension between Isaac and Allison. Isaac working through his past. Something that makes me feel more towards Derek's character. Allison continuing to be BAMF. Allison/Chris bonding moments and Stiles/Sheriff bonding moments. Stiles joking. Danny. Character development because they do that so well.
Favourite Fanwork: I actually haven't read that much fic recently, but I love this fanvid: bottom of the river


Other Fandoms: Avengers (I will talk about this and Thor 2 a lot when they come out), Lost Girl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and various other TV Shows where I'm not really involved in the fandom, but love to talk about it.
Five Entertainers You'd Like to Hang Out With: Tyler Posey, Daniel Radcliffe, Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, Hank Green, Jennifer Lawrence
What You're Looking for in DW Friends: I just want some folks to hang out with so it would be neat if you like to comment and stuff. This seems like a pretty cool website, but unfortunately there are far less people around than I'm used to, or maybe I haven't been looking in the right places yet and when I'm enthusiastic about something, I want to talk about it with people who are equally as enthusiastic!
Friending Policy: If we have things in common, I'd love to add you/be added by you. Similarly, if you feel like we don't have enough in common after all, just unfriend me, no hard feelings. As long as you're nice and tolerant, I'm sure we'll have a blast. :)
Something Good That Happened to You Today: Free wine.
Interests: books, travelling, writing, drawing
Anything Else the World Needs to Know?

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