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Name/Alias: Maggie
Age: almost 28
Location: Bulgaria
What Keeps You Busy: work, family, books lot and lots of books ;D and fictions ;) of course
Journal Rating: NC17 because yeah... you know it ;D but I use lj cut so I don't think it's sucha big of a problem when someone likes to take a look.
What's in Your Journal? this one is my writing journal but I am thinking on making it a bit personal also (: not overly but why not share a thought or two from time to time.


I Love Teen Wolf Because: I've waited so long for a werewolf show and/or film that I had to try it when it first aired. Of course I did not like it and haven't started to watch it until after I've discovered fandom, writers/icon makers can make you anything they want to!! And I reconsidered that I could simply ignore the things that I don't like in favour of lycanthropy, Stiles ;D and Peter ♥ I love that guy!! Also I like the idea of hunters, the real hunters and not the batshit crazy killing on a spree that they sometimes make of them.
My Favourite Character(s): Peter, Stiles, Danny ::hmmm:: the others are on off type of deal because I've watched, read far too much and can't always overlook the "I' wll go overboard just to take a couple more viewers" thing they often do with some of them.
Favourite Pairing(s): Stiles/Danny, Stiles/Peter, Stiles/Jackson, oh well Stiles/almost Anyone be it male or female; and so many other I'm a ship ho so I'd ship almost anything but Derek/Scott and ... I can't seem to ship Scott/Allison or them with someone else on more then NC17 type of fic. (but that can chacge with one good fic so ...) :ughh:: and the twins, they should be killed in a violent and gruesome way!!
Funniest Scene(s): can't choose, cant cant won't don't make me!!
Most Heartbreaking Scene(s): shit! there are so many; Derek's meetings with Kate; Alyson's world crumbling down; Jackson breaking Lydia over and over... etc.
Most Badass Scene(s): ::hmm:: maybe Allison hunting ( I know it's ansty and sad but ... )
What the F*** Scene(s): when it gets clear that Kate had a sick, sick! kind of relationship with Derek and no one knew and they killed all of them just like that and she's rubbing it in etc; I hate that!!
Hottest Scene(s): ::hmm:: .... no idea.
Most Random Scene(s): economic class.... wtf even!!!
Future Scenes I Would Like to See(s): I agree about them showing us that Lydia is smart because we have only seen big talks nothing more than teenage drama and fits for now. More Danny/Stiles interaction because.. I want to ;D and that's enough for a reason mind you. ;) Allison finally be more than an almost lover and tragedy struck teen, she's a hunter she could/should be so much more, damn it! And Stiles oh man don't even get me on Stiles because his charcter needs to develop and be more! Derek oh man I feel for you I really do ...
Favourite Fanwork(s): How could you even ask us ;D I can not choose!! but anything Danny/Stiles is always safe bet with me ];)


Other Fandoms: Whedon's shows; I avoid talking fandoms nowadays because it's more like charcters for me. I often enjoy some Twilight fictions but the fandom in itself ::shudders:: is a creepy (no, please don't go there without a guide) place!
Five Entertainers You'd Like to Hang Out With: Joss Whedon, Kat Graham, Jeff (I need to smack some sense into him), Leo DiCaprio (that guy is a genius) Usher!
What You're Looking for in DW Friends: anyone that's open minded (:
Friending Policy: open ;) as long as we have a couple things in common.
Something Good That Happened to You Today: listening to Ed Sheeran on youtube ... what :P I'm already at work and it's 10:03 on a Sturday so there's no time for anything good to happen; beside coffee that is but I doubt you wanted to her about my addiction.
Interests: books; psychologie; good movies, music; trying to write/make icons; etc.
Anything Else the World Needs to Know? I can be a bitch but I try not to be one too often. I'm not admitting to anything else no sireeeeee
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